Christ performed his first miracle at a wedding feast, and the Church has always considered marriage to be a Sacrament which confers a special grace on the couple to live out their life together as a witness to God's love for us.

We congratulate you on your upcoming marriage, and wish you many blessings as you proceed in the preparation for this most significant moment in your lives. The preparation for any Sacrament is a very important moment in one's spiritual life.

Our parish community thanks God for your upcoming union in Christ Jesus. The love that you give to one another is a clear sign of God's love for His People and His Church.

We pray that many blessings will flow from your life together. As this Sacrament is rooted in the community living out our faith, we look forward to your active participation in the life of the Church.

In Christ,

Monsignor Steven Otellini, Pastor

Practical guidelines for your wedding

Important Notice Regarding
Previous Marriage(s)

It is extremely important to declare any previous marriage to the person taking down initial information for your possible wedding at Nativity. This would include:

a) a religious marriage either in the Catholic Church, or another Christian church by either party (Catholic or non-Catholic);

b) a civil marriage entered into by either party (Catholic or non-Catholic).

Even if these marriages ended in a civil divorce or civil annulment it is necessary to mention these since they will have to be dealt with prior to your confirming a date to be married at Nativity.

Should you have obtained an annulment from another church (e.g. Orthodox, Episcopal) you will have to have these re-examined and ratified in the Catholic Church.

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