Setting the date

Weddings are held on Saturdays (except Holy Saturday) and never on Sundays. The times available for reservation are 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. Please contact the rectory office at least six months prior to the date of your wedding. There are requirements to be met and paperwork to be processed, which need to be completed at least three weeks before the wedding.

Choosing a celebrant

The celebrant should be one of your choice, although in some situations our staff will assist you in selecting one. If you attend Masses at our church, the easiest way is to talk to the priests after Mass and get to know the one that you feel most comfortable with. If you intend to ask a priest or deacon friend from outside the parish to officiate at your wedding, please


In order to marry in the Roman Catholic Church at least one of you must be Catholic, and we must have proof of your freedom to marry . In addition to documentation, you need to be available to meet with our Wedding Coordinator, the Music Director, and to discuss the liturgy for your wedding with the celebrant of your choice.

Wedding Coordinator

A Catholic wedding offers many options; in the way the ceremony is conducted and also in the content of the ceremony. The Wedding Coordinator will explain the options and provide the material to choose the prayers and readings that will make up the rite. The wedding ceremony is the climax of your preparations and the beginning of your new life together.

Church decorations

Please share this section with your florist and anyone else assisting you with the decorations for your wedding. Our church can sit about 350 people. There are 24 rows with 48 pews on the main nave, and 6 rows with 6 pews each of either side of the chapel. Flowers, as well as pew bows, may be attached to the pews with rubber bands, ribbon, or especially covered

Videos and photos

Like the florist, the videographer or photographer is hired by the couple. Posed photos prior to the ceremony should be completed fifteen minutes before the scheduled start of the wedding. This allows time for last minute details by the presider and Wedding Coordinator, and also time for the wedding party to make final preparations. Candid shots, as long as

Wedding music

The music selected for your wedding should reflect and enhance the religious celebration of the service, creating an atmosphere of prayer and joy. Some music is very suitable and other is clearly not. Any composition which is secular, such as popular love songs, ballads, and operatic or Broadway favorites, tends to negate the sacred union of the couple. These

Wedding rehearsal

Your rehearsal will be scheduled in consultation with the Wedding Coordinator, and discussed during the first meeting. Rehearsals are usually done at 4:00 p.m. or 6:15 p.m. on the Thursday or Friday preceding your wedding. It is very important that the rehearsal start on time. It lasts approximately forty-five minutes. The complete wedding party including parents, ushers, bridal

On your wedding day

Please be on time, as your wedding is one of the many events happening in Church that day. Since we do not have dressing or waiting room facilities, we ask that the wedding party arrive dressed in the wedding clothes. Your Wedding Coordinator will be ready and will have everything ready for you to go through the most beautiful day of your life.


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