The eagle has landed!

After almost two months since his departure from Menlo Park,
Fr. Derek reports that he has finally settled in. As you may already know, his new adventure includes being the head-master of a co-ed dorm with about 50 students. That is in addition to teaching four subjects at the University of Torun. Things were a bit chaotic in the beginning, as he had to shop for furniture while unpacking and moving in. His dad helped out by hooking up the washing machine and “local experts” assisted where needed. He really started to feel more at home after he got his coffee maker!...

If you haven’t seen it yet, you may want to watch his latest video on showing him on campus. If you are puzzled by the lack of people around, it is because the video was taken on a Sunday, when all the “kids” had gone home. Fr. Derek says he misses us a lot but wants us to know that he is very happy undertaking his new challenge.

If you wish to write him, his email address is His physical mailing address is:

Ks. Dariusz Iwanski
Przysiek 75
87-134 Zlawies Wielka

Come visit us soon, Fr. Derek !!!!!




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