Every year Nativity Church has a speaker offering a series of five talks during Lent. In 2001 it was Rev. Jeffrey Hubbard, S.S., who presented them.

Fr. Hubbard is a Sulpician Priest who is an instructor in the Pre-Theology and Pastoral Theology Departments at St. Patrick's Seminary. He is also a spiritual director and formation advisor within the seminary formation program.

At the request of many, the talks were recorded. Please keep in mind that these files are very large and download time will depend on the speed of your Internet service. The files have not been "cleaned" and have the noise picked up at the beginning and end of each recorded session.

For each session Fr. Hubbard provided a list of "meditation points." They are available for download as well.


First Talk - 58.4MB
Week 1 meditation points

Second Talk - 66.8MB
Week 2 meditation points

Third Talk - 62.9MB
Week 3 meditation points

Fourth Talk - 57.6MB
Week 4 meditation points

Fifth Talk - 55.9MB
Week 5 meditation points



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