Halina is improving

Fr. Derek sent me a short e-mail saying that his mom's condition is improving. She is speaking more logically and recognizes family members. Halina even surprised the medical staff and walked, assisted by two nurses, for a short distance. The family is very grateful for the prayers being said for Fr. Derek's mother.

If you wish to send Halina a get-well card, here's the family's home address:

Halina and Czeslaw Iwanski
Dekerta 19/9
Torun 87-100 (be sure to cross the number 7 on the zip code or it can be mistaken for a 1)

And now for the equally wonderful additional news... Fr. Derek will be coming to visit us sometime in August. I will post the arrival date as soon as his travel plans are confirmed.

January 17, 2007




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