Please pray for Fr. Derek's mom

One night shortly after the New Year's holiday, Czeslaw Iwanski, Fr. Derek's father, noticed something amiss in his wife's breathing pattern. He called an ambulance and Halina was rushed to the hospital. She had stopped breathing and was in a coma. The doctors still don't know what caused it, but they ruled out a stroke or heart attack. She has since improved but is still in critical condition. The family and doctors are cautiously optimistic. Knowing how strong Fr. Derek was at the time of his accident, we can safely assume that he inherited his mom's genes and that she is also a fighter.

I talked briefly to Fr. Derek this week, and he said that sometimes she recognizes family members but is unable to speak. Recently she smiled broadly and attempted to pat his head when he visited, then drifted off. He knows we have been praying for his mother's recovery and is very grateful for our caring thoughts and concern.

If you wish to send Halina a get-well card, here's the family's home address:

Halina and Czeslaw Iwanski
Dekerta 19/9
Torun 87-100

Be sure to cross the number 7 on the zip code or it can be mistaken for a 1.

When Fr. Derek was recovering, his family was amazed at how Americans like to send greeting cards. Let's extend to Halina the same love and affection we have for her dear son!

Please keep Halina and her family in your prayers.

January 8, 2007




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