Reinstallation of the Steeple Cross
(by Wendy Ames)

Some may not have even noticed that the cross on the steeple was missing, but on October 15, 2008 it was reinstalled and is beautiful. A while ago Msgr. Otellini’s fine eye noticed that the color on the cross was looking a little worn and tired. He set about trying to find the best way to have it re-gilded. He arranged for use of a very big lift and a “brave soul” to go up and take the cross down. At the beginning of this adventure no one seemed to know how the cross was attached to the steeple or what the cross was made of. It was not until the “brave soul” was up next to the cross that he realized that it was screwed in place. It was a lot easier deal with than anyone expected, especially at that height. The cross is made of copper, which makes it rather light, and slides over a stake that is part of the steeple. It seemed to take no time at all to have it down on the ground. Down where it was easy to see, no one would argue that the cross was in need of much help. It was cleaned up a bit and taken to Soquel to be gilded. Upon its return to Nativity, the cross was put into the parlor of the rectory until it could be arranged for the lift and the “brave soul” to return. October 15th was the day when everything aligned and the cross was put back on to its rightful place of honor in all of its glory. The next time you are at Nativity look up and see how the cross shines.
Many thanks to:
Ray Ferrari and Rob Verga of Ferma Corp., for arranging the lift.
Pat Puccinelli at Cresco Equipment Rentals, for twice donating the use of the lift.
Arrin Skelley, the “brave soul” who took the cross down and then reinstalled it
Jensen Maass, the artist who re-gilded the cross.





©2006 The Church of the Nativity