Hello! My name is Father Patrick Driscoll and it is great to be here at Church of the Nativity!

I have been asked to give a little background about myself. I was born in San Diego at Mercy Hospital on June 15, 1959 to Jim and Loretto Driscoll (may they rest in peace). I have seven siblings (one sister passed away a few days after her birth). I also have 27 nieces and nephews and the next generation is arriving now. I spent the majority of my youth in Santa Barbara and was influenced as to the beauty the sacred liturgy by the good Franciscans at Mission Santa Barbara and then by the Jesuit Fathers at Our Lady of Sorrows parish. It made a big impression on me.

After graduating from San Jose State University's School of Journalism with a degree in Public Relations I worked for a few years in Sales and Marketing until a parishioner suggested I consider the priesthood. Thank God he did that! After a couple of "starts and stops" that included two years at Saint Patrick's Seminary in Menlo Park for the Archdiocese of San Francisco, I was ordained to the Sacred Priesthood on May 24, 2008 in Saint Louis, Missouri. My name "Driscoll" means "intermediary" or "one sent" and this is what a priest is -- an intermediary between God and His holy people.

In July of 2014, I was given permission to return to California and apply for incardination (permanent residence and assignment) in the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

I enjoy walking, reading, and visiting with family and friends. I have found the priesthood to be a life of joy -- especially when I help people in Holy Confession, visiting the sick, visiting the schools and families, and offering the Sacrifice in the Holy Mass. Please pray for me.

Please also pray that the young men, whom God is calling to be loved by Him in a special way in the Sacred Priesthood, will open their hearts and receive that love; and that those women and men He is calling to the Religious life respond generously as well!

God Bless you! Father Driscoll



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