they are not intrusive, are allowed.

During the ceremony, time exposure photographs (no flash) are permitted. In general, pictures may be taken during the ceremony as long as the photographer does not become a distraction to the celebrant, wedding party, or wedding guests. The church is bright enough and provide adequate lighting. Additional lighting for filming is not permitted.

The videographer or photographer are permitted to document your wedding from the choir loft and congregational area. They are not allowed within the sanctuary.

You should inform all those who wish to be in post-wedding photographs to stay in Church or to return to Church immediately after the ceremony. The bridal party should also return to the altar for pictures.

Church furnishings will not be removed for pictures or videos.

The time allocated for a wedding is one and a half hours from the start. For example, a 2 p.m. wedding must be clear of the Church by 3:30 p.m. This guideline is to be strictly adhered to and you should inform your photographer/videographer.

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