The following paperwork is required:

  1. The Catholic party must obtain a baptismal certificate dated within the last six months, from the church where the baptism occurred. The non-Catholic party must provide a copy of their baptismal record, if baptized.
  2. If ours is not your parish, then you need to obtain permission from your parish to be married outside of it. A letter signed by your pastor giving this permission needs to be sent to us.
  3. The following forms will be completed:
    - Form A - self-testimony
    - Form B - witness testimony (freedom to marry)
    - Possibly dispensation/permission to marry if one of the parties is non-Catholic
    - "Foccus" test completion and discussion of results with the celebrant. This test is devised to facilitate the discussion of key issues and to identify potential areas of concern.
  4. Certificate of completion for Marriage Preparation Class or Engaged Encounter. You will need to arrange for this yourself. In order to help you, here is list of places that offer the classes. The cost of this preparation is not covered by the wedding fee.
  5. Marriage License obtained by you at the California county of your choice. The license if valid for 3 months from the date of issue. On your wedding day, the license must be signed by your witnesses, and the celebrant. After the ceremony it will be sent by the parish secretary to the county where it was obtained.
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